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The difference between Japanese Translation Solutions and many other translation companies is that here at Japanese Translation Solutions, we take a specialized approach that focuses on the specific field of Japanese-English translation. 

Our focus on the Japanese language sets us apart from other translation companies that only offer general Japanese services while handling various other languages.  Many other translation companies dabble in Japanese as one of the many languages they offer through their network of freelancers, but most of these companies lack expertise in the specific language of Japanese and do not have anyone in their office that can actually speak Japanese and ensure the quality of their outsourced translations.

In contrast to this broad-based approach used by many of our competitors, Japanese Translation Solutions is dedicated to the specific field of Japanese-English translation and our own team of translators handles the translations so that we can ensure strict quality control throughout all stages of the translation process.  Our translation procedure is followed by a stringent editing process by our editing team that includes both native Japanese and native English linguists to achieve translation results that meet the strictest demands for accuracy and high quality.  Our clients depend on us for our specialized dedication to Japanese that ensures accurate and reliable results.

While many other companies dabble in a long list of languages, at Japanese Translation Solutions, we do not dabble in Japanese.  We SPECIALIZE in it.


We provide dependable quality with:

 SPECIALIZED TRANSLATORS with advanced degrees or work experience in the field of your translation document

A translator's understanding and proper use of technical terminology is crucial to a high quality translation. For example, if you need a medical translation, you can rest assured that your translation will be handled by translators and editors with expertise in the medical field. The translated document will be a reflection of you when you give it to others to read, and we are committed to accurately presenting you in an intelligent and professional manner.


We are committed to quality with our  multi-step control process through our  in-house  Japanese editors and management.  Our translators translate into their own native language and are supported by an editing team that includes native speakers of both  languages to ensure proper understanding of the original document and excellent quality in the resulting translation. 

Our approach is in contrast to that of many translation businesses that offer too many languages and rely on subcontractors to do their translations, sometimes without even having anyone in their own company that can speak the language being translated or provide quality control.  At JAPANESE TRANSLATION SOLUTIONS, by  focusing our business on Japanese instead  of  on  a  lengthy  list  of  languages,  we  are able to provide our clients with more extensive service through rigorous quality control procedures and individualized customer attention from our translators and management.


Whether you need the highest-quality translation for a publication or you just need a basic translation to get the meaning of an informal letter, we are second to none in our flexibility and we will be happy to customize the best translation approach to meet your individual needs and budget.

Feel free to contact us for a NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE

No need to fill anything out.  Just e-mail us and tell us what type of document it is (e.g. legal, medical, financial, general, etc.).  Please read the print below for further instructions. 

info@JapaneseTranslationSolutions.com   (914) 665-3508

We offer high-quality translations at reasonable prices and are extremely flexible and attentive to your individual needs.  Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.  For an estimate, please tell us about the content and length of your document.  For an exact quote, please send us your document (as an e-mail attachment, if possible).

CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS can be signed by our translators and a Notary Public at your request.